Drone Infiltrator VR

U.S. military is training more drone pilots than jet fighters. Attack drones have become a safer way to protect your country. Now, you have the unique opportunity to fly with one of the most amazing lifelike technologies.

Drone Infiltrator VR Game

In this day and age, with crime and terrorism being daily phenomenons around us, we need to train ourselves to be more alert of our surroundings. Now, more than ever, the world needs trained and skilled men who can protect civil society in conflict.

Deploying drones is one the main means to safeguard your country from attacks. This virtual reality drone action game gives you the opportunity to go on a mission with one of the most amazing lifelike drone simulators. Various missions with this high-tech drone will help improve your skills and dominate your enemies in difficult situations. To overcome your worst enemy, act strong and be ruthless. By completing these missions, you will become a real soldier.

Drone Infiltrator is a first-person VR game where you can fly around with a high-tech drone simulator. It is a single-player game that delivers compelling high-intensity missions. The game is built around the exact copy of Osama bin Laden’s compound.


– Amazing flying and shooting experiences with a high-tech drone simulator.
– Multiple opponents and various shooting effects.
– Detailed map of Osama bin Laden’s compound.
– Focus on realistic physics.


Your main goal is to take down Osama bin Laden and release soldiers from hostage. Before you can do that, you first have to find a way to the compound, disable the force field and defeat your opponents.

NB! This game is for the brave ones who enjoy flying around in virtual reality.